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Introducing This Page

This page provides you with links pointing to other NZ DHBs websites. This page will definitely grow as visitors discover new sites and tell us all about them. So please come to this page frequently and let us know if you have discovered a really good site other visitors should become familiar with.

Youth West Coast



The site aims to inform and educate young people about how to stay well mentally and how to find help for themselves or others if they have mental health concerns or worries.

It contains an avatar generator so youth can create their own anonymous profile, and a forum where they can discuss things like anger, anxiety, breakups, family, and school issues.

The site features videos of young people talking about their lives, as well as helpful apps and therapeutic games. It also acts as a guide and a way-finding-tool for young people and the significant adults who care about them (parents, teachers, youth workers etc.) in finding more help, including from professionals, if needed.

Visit www.youthwestcoast.co.nz




HealthInfo West Coast is an easy-to-use health information website, just for the people of the West Coast.

Visit www.healthinfo.org.nz/WestCoast/, or read this poster or this leaflet.

Health Navigator


Health Navigator Site

Health Navigator NZ is the online front door to trusted health information and self help resources for families, whanau, caregivers and health providers within New Zealand. The purpose is to make it quicker, easier and safer for you to navigate the health system and make choices that are right for you and your family or whanau.

Whether you are looking for information about medications, a health directory or on-going health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, depression or more, you have come to the right place.

This is a non-profit, community-based effort for the people of New Zealand and provides a knowledge gateway for ‘best care’ and long-term condition management. Read more & join us to make this site even better.


Disabilities Resource Centre Queenstown and West Coast


HIIRC Website

The Disabilities Resource Centre Queenstown has recently taken over the delivery of Disability Information and Advisory Services to the West Coast and are currently upgrading their website to include this service delivery.

In the meantime we invite you to use the following contact information for the West Coast Disability Information and Advisory Service:

Disabilities Resource Centre Queenstown and West Coast
Unit 29 Gorge Road Retail Centre
159 Gorge Road
Freephone: 0800 100 946
Phone: 03 409 0900
Fax: 03 409 0628

There are currently two separate websites which will be merged into one, but here are the links to both:




Health Improvement and Innovation Research Centre

HIIRC Website


The Health Improvement and Innovation Research Centre enables the New Zealand health sector to improve quality, implement innovations and increase productivity: www.hiirc.org.nz

The HIIRC is your source of knowledge to improve New Zealand's health care system. Regular Updates published in the form of newsletters can be read by clicking on the following link: HIIRC Updates.


Know Your Numbers


The Heart Foundation has built a new website called Know Your Numbers. The website helps forecast your risk of a heart attack and stroke.

By completing the online tool you can find out what your risk is as well as finding out your heart age. The tool also offers a personalised Heart Health Plan which helps you make some lifestyle changes.

To Know Your Numbers Website



Drugwatch' Website

DrugWatch.com is a comprehensive American Web site running a database which features extensive information about thousands of different medications and drugs currently on the market or previously available worldwide.

DrugWatch.com includes up-to-date information about prescription and over-the-counter medications and includes details about associated side effects to aid in the protection of patients and consumers.


Health Information for New Zealanders


If you ever want to find out anything Health Related, this is a site you should make yourself familiar with. It really is Information Galore!!!

To Everybody.co.nz Website

Services Search

Want to know where to find Health Services in your region? Then why not give these helpful links a try:


Product safety alerts (Consumer Protection - New Zealand) & Consumer Dangers (USA)


This product safety alerts website developed by the New Zealand Department of Consumer Affairs lists products that have caused, or could cause serious harm.

Select the link of the listed product and find out all the details.


Another American website, ConsumerDangers.com has been developed to help keeping the public informed about consumer dangers and safety issues associated with numerous products that can cause the public harm. Please note, that although we don't officially endorse the site or its contents, that it could have some information that could be regarded as useful to know about.



Concerned about any of the websites listed here?

If you would like to report a website that you believe shouldn't be listed here, please don't hesitate to let us know!

We aim at carefully selecting sites, that we consider a useful resource, but if you believe a site being unworthy to be in our selection, you can find out how to contact us on the ISG Department and Website Development Contacts page. Please mention in your email that this is for the West Coast DHB Website Developer for review.

As the contents of websites listed on this page is not controlled or/and maintained by this DHB, the West Coast District Health Board can give no guarantee to the correctness of the information on this page and can't therefore be made liable for unfortunate events that resulted after visiting suggested sites.