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Southern Cancer Network (SCN)

Introducing This Page

This page introduces you to the Southern Cance Network (SCN). Familiarise yourself with the role the SCN plays with respect to achieving the initiatives and goals of the Cancer Control Strategy. Keep informed about latest happenings by reading the monthly SCN newsletters.


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Why the SCN was established


The SCN was established in August 2007 and is one of four regional cancer networks that have been set up in New Zealand (Northern, Central, Midland and Southern) to work with cancer continuum of care stakeholders to facilitate a number of initiatives in the Cancer Control Strategy and Action Plan 2005-2010.


The Power of a Network


Through the SCN, we seek to facilitate communication across the South Island cancer continuum of care so that we can collectively plan and fund cancer services to maximise resources and improve the patient journey.

Bringing people together across the cancer continuum of care...

  • Prevention
  • Screening and Detection
  • Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Palliative Care
  • Support Services
  • Research
  • Planning and Funding
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Who makes up the SCN?

The Southern Cancer Network encompasses the six South Island District Health Boards (Nelson Marlborough, Canterbury, South Canterbury, West Coast, Southland and Otago) and has a mandate to strongly influence the direction of cancer service provision in the South Island region, consistent with the Cancer Control Strategy Action plan.


Role of the SCN

The Southern Cancer Network will bring together stakeholders from across the South Island cancer continuum of care, and provide leadership, facilitation and coordination roles with respect to achieving the initiatives and goals of the Cancer Control Strategy.


Our focus is to work collaboratively across the cancer continuum of care in order to

  • Reduce the Impact and incidence of Cancer
  • Reduce inequalities with respect to cancer
  • Improve the Patient Journey